Smart, agile, and a mind for trouble.




Weapons: Dagger: 1D4 Rapier: 1D6 Short bow: 1D6


Skills: Pickpocket Move Silently Sneak Attack: +1D6 Feats: Improved Initiative (+4)


Desmond came to Broughtswold at the age of 14, looking for his father. Later, he found out, he was killed by a dragon on an adventure in the mountains. Having no place to stay, Desmond started living on the streets, living as a local pickpocket, until he tried to take a dagger from the best Ranger there was, Garen Lotwood. After seeing the state of Desmond, he decided to take him in as his own, and taught him the ways of a the Ranger. Garen disappeared when he was on a quest for the king, but he never returned. After that, Desmond fell back into being a thief. Armed with a dagger, a short bow and a rapier (‘Cause it rapes), Desmond set out to live his life to the fullest, and go out on a adventure, just like his father.


Mountain Escapade Zyrix